If you’re a wine drinker with little room in your home bar, or if you only enjoy wine occasionally, insulated wine glasses are the perfect solution. They keep your beverage cold for hours at a time and they can be easily taken on-the-go. The insulation keeps the heat out while keeping the cold inside!
You’ll never have to worry about warm white zinfandel again. These containers are also great for picnics and outdoor events where there’s no ice nearby…or if carrying an entire cooler around is just too much of a hassle! You’ll find that these glasses will stay chilled all day long so make sure to bring them along when heading off on vacation this summer.

The cup for all seasons and beverages, our insulated wine cup keeps your swig just the way you want it
• Holds 12 oz
• Stainless Steel cup with BPA Free Lid
• Keeps liquids cold for up to 9 hours, hot for up to 3 hours
• Hand washing recommended

Insulated wine glasses are the latest trend for your next dinner party. With a long list of benefits, insulated wine glasses will keep you cool and comfortable while enjoying your favorite beverage with friends or family. Here is an overview on why these insulated containers are so popular: -They are lightweight but sturdy enough to stay open which makes it easier to serve guests at your table without spilling any liquid from the glass. The air space between the walls also helps insulate cold drinks longer than traditional wine glasses-creating an ideal environment for serving chilled wines as well as other beverages such as mulled cider during winter festivities. -The double wall insulation provides protection against condensation dripping down onto surfaces where they could stain furniture or damage electronics like iPads