The 15 Best Wine Openers You Can Buy for 2023

Opening your bottles of wine is something you require greater than a cheap as well as battered old corkscrew for.
Just how do you know which type of bottle screw would function best, though?

Well, the first thing you can do is search today’s overview. We’ll get started by laying out the many different strategies you can take to uncorking your white wine. All that counts is determining which of these makes the neatest fit.

You can after that seamlessly get rid of the cork from your wine bottles without breaking a sweat, without damaging the cork or the red wine, as well as without spilling a decline.
Appears good?

As constantly, we’ll examine the best items out there. We don’t just concentrate on the great either, but we’ll also truthfully summarize the flaws. This permits you to purchase with your eyes wide open.

Alongside this, we’ll include all the acquiring support you require to improve your acquisition as well as obtain the best opener at the appropriate rate.

First thing’s first, just how do the different sorts of bottle opener vary and also why should you care?

What Kind of Wine Openers Are There?

If you’re initially confused by the range of wine bottle openers available, take a look at this snapshot of the leading types:

  • Twist Corkscrew
  • Waiter’s Corkscrew
  • Winged Corkscrew
  • Electric Wine Opener
  • Air Pressure Wine Opener
  • Air Pump Corkscrew
  • Lever Corkscrew

Twist Corkscrew

The extremely initial wine bottle opener was created in 1795 by Reverend Samuel Henshall that took place to patent this device.

The manage allows you to turn the curl and also eliminate also persistent corks with family member convenience. If you get a really tough cork, this sort of spin corkscrew will come up short.

Likewise, if you struggle with joint inflammation or you have weak wrists, you’ll find this sort of curl improper.

Anyone seeking a budget corkscrew without any fuss or excitement will certainly discover this spin corkscrew perfect.

Waiter’s Corkscrew

Additionally called a wine secret or a sommelier’s curl, waiter’s corkscrews are a staple in bars as well as dining establishments all over the world.

Carl Wienke developed this type of corkscrew back in 1882 as well as it’s still going solid today.

The dual depend upon this type of corkscrew offers you added utilize when it counts. Merely slip in the curl after that make use of that additional acquisition to remove it without excessive initiative.

Winged Corkscrew

The double-lever winged curl was patented by HS Heely in 1888.

When it arrived in the US in the early 1900s, the winged curl become enduringly popular and also is still prevalent today.

The pair of bars enable you to remove corks conveniently. Occasionally, you could run into issues and shred the cork, however. To alleviate this, seek a design that’s not as well vast.

Electric Wine Opener

If you do not like the concept of the initiative included with a manual bottle screw, or you struggle with using your hands, an electric red wine opener is the noticeable service. We assess a handful of these rechargeable models offering you cordless ease and the capability to open to 120 containers of red wine on a solitary charge.

Inside these systems, you usually get a corkscrew that transforms at the press of a switch and also removes your red wine cork from the bottle without you needing to break a sweat.

For senior citizens and anyone with limited dexterity, these models make ideal sense.

Air Pressure Wine Opener

In place of a routine curl, air pressure white wine openers ask for a hollow needle to be put right into the cork. You after that press a switch and a metered dose of CARBON DIOXIDE from a cartridge presses the cork out of the bottle.

Quick, easy to use, and also spot-on for the senior as well as the arthritic, what’s the problem with this style of a glass of wine opener?

Simply put, these openers last for less than 100 uses making them less than pocket-friendly.

Air Pump Corkscrew

The basic concept of an air pump corkscrew is the same as an air pressure white wine opener. The very same hollow needle goes inside the cork. Rather than the cartridge, you use a pump that presses air inside the bottle until the cork is forced out.

Although these corkscrews are not so preferred these days for mass-market usage, several oenophiles will certainly make use of only these clever tools. Why not provide one a shot if you’re searching for something a little various?

Lever Corkscrew

The last main sort of corkscrew you should be aware of is the traditional bar variation.

Likewise often called bunny ears curls, this beginner-friendly corkscrew permits you to acquaint yourself with uncorking without needing any kind of special skills or stamina.

When you squeeze the manages with each other, the cork is gotten rid of with the force put in.

The downside of bar corkscrews is the bulky layout meaning storing them in cabinets can be problematic.

Currently, there’s more to consider before you use your charge card. Before our bottle opener getting overview, however, we have a collection of the 15 ideal wine openers so you can establish which ones appears like the very best wager.

Dive right in!

The 15 Best Wine Openers

1.Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener


Our total favored wine opener is an electrical model developed to make uncorking your a glass of wine as uncomplicated as possible.
If you’re worried concerning battery life, anticipate to open up to 30 bottles prior to you need to recharge the Oster. In return, you’ll get cord-free convenience as well as no requirement to depend on an electric outlet.

There’s the requisite foil cutter in position so you can make light work of the seals on your bottle without requiring to order a separate device.

Like all the most effective a glass of wine openers, the manage is designed for a tight grip without any chance of shedding your grasp and also shattering your container of a glass of wine.

Keep in mind that the billing base bundled only works with 110 to 120 volts.

If you want to get rid of the physical effort from uncorking your wine bottles without investing a fortune, this cost-efficient electrical version makes a smart wager.

Despite such durable performance across the board, this curl is excellent worth so why not pop it on the top of your shortlist?

Things We Like

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Slice through seals with foil cutter
  • Open as many as 30 bottles before recharging

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service is disappointing

2. Secura Electric Wine Opener


Can be found in a close 2nd, this Secura is another solid alternative if you’re trying to find an electric container opening remedy.

In regards to design, this is a standout winner. The bottle opener itself contains tinted LEDs at the bottom while the rest is ended up in a smooth stainless-steel. Is it a case of kind over feature, though?

Fortunately not. To start with, the whole unit is tiny sufficient that it will not eat up excessive area on your kitchen counter.

Next, using the bottle opener could not be a lot easier. All you require to do is pop your wine bottle onto the top, press a switch, and also pour. Reduce of use makes this a terrific present even if the person isn’t an excellent tech-lover.

Although many users located this curl more than fit for objective, we discovered a few gripes concerning an absence of power.

Unlike some of the resistance, the billing base works with both 110 volts and also 240 volts so you can utilize it worldwide without needing a transformer.

Things We Like

  • Space-saving dimensions ideal for cramped kitchens
  • Striking LEDs make a commanding statement
  • Easy to use and requires no effort

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about this corkscrew being underpowered

3.HiCoup Waiter’s Corkscrew

HiCoup rolls out a stainless-steel and also wood corkscrew cherished by waitress and wine stewards all over the world. If you expensive yourself as a residence sommelier, why should you pick this waiter’s curl?
The simpleness of the layout is maybe its enduring function. As long as you aren’t averse to literally opening your container, the HiCoup does the remainder for you.

The worm will certainly function with confidence with both natural and also artificial corks so you’re covered whatever type of red wine you consume.

The pivot is double-hinged providing you some precious added purchase if you’re managing longer as well as extra stubborn corks.

The wood take care of enables a comfortable grip while continuing to be textured adequate to stay firmly in your grasp in any way times.

There’s a separate aluminum foil cutter onboard enabling you to attack those tiresome seals without ordering a blade.

Build high quality is such that you should not encounter any issues in all. If you do, you’re backed by a life time guarantee. Hire for a refund or a substitute whenever.

Things We Like

  • No-quibbles lifetime guarantee
  • Worm designed to work with natural or synthetic corks
  • 420 stainless steel built to last a lifetime

Things We Dislike

  • Some gripes about unresponsive customer care

4. Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew


Anyone trying to find the most effective low-cost corkscrew ought to take into consideration the Pulltap’s double-hinged design before looking any type of additionally. In many means, this resembles a much more expensive bottle screw and also there’s no immediately apparent compromise on top quality.
You get a great option of shades if the standard-issue silver does not appeal.

The handle allows you to get a firm grip without chance of slippage or spillage.

Focus to information extends to the worm. This is treated with Teflon so you get even higher leverage as well as you can uncork your containers efficiently.

The only genuine downside is a general issue with hand-operated curls– you will certainly require to exert at least some physical force. If you do not mind this, you remain in for a real treat with the Pulltap’s and also you will not require to dig unfathomable for the advantage. The benefit, of course, is that you won’t require to be near a resource of electrical power as well as you can quickly take this curl with you on holiday.

Things We Like

  • Couldn’t be easier to use and needs no electricity
  • Comes in a wide range of colorways
  • Stripped down simplicity at its finest

Things We Dislike

  • You need to physically pull out the cork so not ideal for everyone

5. Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener


The pioneering layout of this rechargeable electrical bottle opener permits it to stand upright without any requirement for a base.

Before you uncork your container, get rid of the cover as this exchanges an aluminum foil cutter. When you’ve cut via the seal, you can then open as lots of as 40 containers in one session prior to needing to give the Ozeri a ruptured of cost.

The covering is see-through. This lets you keep track of the progression of uncorking, suitable if you’re dealing with. a persistent cork.

A soft blue LED shows when the device remains in usage and also when it’s charging. For billing, all you need to do is connect the Ozeri in using the given adapter. We would certainly suggest leaving it on to bill over night after that you will not require to worry about it for some time. Well, for as long as it takes you to consume 40 bottles of white wine!

Choose from black, red, or silver to fit as well as make opening your bottle virtually as much enjoyable as drinking them.

Things We Like

  • Transparent shell adds visual layer to uncorking
  • Class-leading 40-bottle opening on a single charge
  • Innovative curved design eliminates need for base

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality and lifespan are questionable

6. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener


Successive in our a glass of wine opener testimonials is a space-saving hand-operated version from Brookstone however is it any type of great?
The typical lever design ensures you get an efficient bottle opening tool even if it’s not mosting likely to win any layout awards. As long as you don’t encounter any kind of interference, you can uncork your bottle in seconds.

The take care of is developed so it’s somewhat longer than regular. This offers you essential additional purchase vital if you encounter any challenging or much longer corks.

The hand grip is comfy sufficient to grab and will not slide out of your hands.

The worm can handle both artificial and natural corks with equal ease so whether you’re drinking modern or vintage red wine, opening the bottles is fuss-free across the board.

With all those positives, you could be believing this is the perfect curl. The trouble come in the form of suspicious construct top quality. Ask yourself for how long you expect an item of package at this cost point to last. If you’re going shopping based largely on desired toughness, we ‘d advise looking somewhere else. Anyone else is likely to be pleased with this efficient and cost-efficient curl from Brookstone.

Things We Like

  • Suitable for both synthetic and natural corks
  • Design of lever streamlines uncorking
  • Uncork bottles in 3 seconds flat

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality is disappointing

7. Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer

For any person trying to find a multi-purpose device that includes a bottle screw, Cuisinart delivers this sensational vacuum sealant that’s a must.
Perfect for usage in a commercial background, you could power through as much as 80 bottles before this unit requires charging. Generally intended for residence usage, though, you can anticipate lots of devoted solution from this kitchen area friend.

You obtain a full plan with the billing base, bottle opener, and foil cutter giving you every little thing you need to remove the seal and eliminate the cork without putting in any kind of unnecessary effort.

With a rubberized deal with, you can concentrate on the work available without worrying about shedding your grasp. Just like all aspects of layout, you’ll value the knowledge underpinning it.

The area of stainless-steel is balanced out by BPA-free plastic so you get an aesthetically eye-catching bottle opener that supplies totally on the performance front.

This device doesn’t deal well with natural corks so just continue if you drink bottles with synthetic corks. If so, you should be silently excited with your acquisition.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for synthetic corks
  • Easy to grip with rubberized handles
  • Remove up to 80 corks on a single charge

Things We Dislike

  • A few issues with longevity

8.Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend


Le Creuset is a legend in the cookware space famous for their first-class pots as well as frying pans. Exactly how about their attempt at a corkscrew, though? Is it any excellent?
To start, you obtain a trademarked two-step style from a firm who have actually lasered in on exactly how to make opening bottles as seamless as feasible. This makes a wonderful choice for any person who doesn’t desire either the restrictions of an electric bottle screw or the initiative normally entailed with a hands-on alternative.

Choose from numerous attractive color design if you’re tired of silver gadgets.

Develop is excellent and also you should anticipate a life time of use from this corkscrew if properly preserved. You’ll be backed by a Le Creuset service warranty for the first one decade, too.

While you can discover a more affordable waiter’s corkscrew, this Le Creuset is right up there with the absolute best and doesn’t cost as long as you might envision. Why not treat yourself?

Things We Like

  • 10-year warranty inspires confidence
  • Two-step design unique to Le Creuset
  • Impeccable brand heritage

Things We Dislike

  • Some negative feedback about durability

9. Monopol Westmark Two-Prong Wine Cork Puller


Do you desire a no-nonsense and also back-to-basics curl from a brand name you can rely on? If so, buy this double-pronged initiative from Monopol, the German titan.
The die-cast construction needs to cause a life time of use. Look after this corkscrew and maintain it tidy with simply soap as well as water. Do this and also you shouldn’t run into any snags whatsoever.

Although the 5-year warranty could be lengthier, you really can not expect way too much more at this price point. If you want longer insurance coverage, we would certainly suggest the Le Creuset above as a choice.

The eye-catching present box as well as packages makes this curl an excellent present for any red wine fans in your life. Why not wait and see what provides you can discover this looming Black Friday?

You can also use this two-prong puller to jab your cork back into the bottle if you don’t quite complete it in a solitary sitting. There’s a minor learning contour yet, when grasped, you’ll never squander any white wine again as well as you won’t discover any type of drop in high quality because it will be correctly re-corked.

Things We Like

  • 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Die-cast metal for great lifespan

Things We Dislike

  • A few issues with rust according to a handful of disgruntled users

10. IPOW Wing Corkscrew


One more traditional wing corkscrew, the IPOW is available in at a bargain factor, but do you lose on high quality in pursuit of a bargain?
In a word, yes. This corkscrew actually is fairly vulnerable even if looks rugged at first look. We would suggest exercising treatment when you’re using it and taking care of it. If not, you can join a number of unhappy customers grumbling concerning their IPOW curl breaking after next to no time.

That said, the zinc alloy build means there’s no chance corrosion will embed in and also ruin your corkscrew.

When it concerns clean-up, just blitz this thing with some cozy soapy water, dry it thoroughly and you’re great to go.

The ergonomic grip offers you a good as well as tight grasp. Even if you’re using this corkscrew to open up numerous bottles, you will not really feel strained and you won’t shed your grip either.

Although there are no bells or whistles and also you need to bear in mind that doubtful life expectancy, we feel this is a reasonable corkscrew for the cash, although there are certainly better options available.

Things We Like

  • Customer service helpful and responsive
  • Anti-slip handle so no spillages
  • Premium zinc alloy build inhibits rust and increases lifespan

Things We Dislike

  • Not as sturdy as it looks

11. Wine Ziz Amazingly Simple Wine Opener


As we edge towards the end of our bottle opener testimonials, we have another typical and super-simple design from White wine Ziz.
The initial remarkable plus factor is the reality the worm will uncork any sort of cork whether natural or artificial.

We were amazed at the stamina and strength of this corkscrew thinking about the budget plan rates. If you’re trying to find a bargain, this is another of our pocket-friendly faves.

The anti-slip hold allows you wield your wine bottles with the self-confidence of a sommelier and also no concern of letting your priceless a glass of wine slide and also knockout.

Although you’ll need to place in a degree of effort– absolutely greater than with an electric variant, anyhow– in return you get a portable and travel-friendly corkscrew. You can additionally use this thing anywhere even if you’re nowhere near a power outlet.

Customer service is uppermost with this company and you need to discover quick as well as handy staff ready to address any type of problems that emerge.

Things We Like

  • Easy to slip in your luggage for travel use
  • Rugged enough for commercial use
  • Works with all shapes and sizes of wine bottle

Things We Dislike

  • Popping sound is grating

12. Coravin Premium Corkscrew


Now, if you’re trying to find an economical curl, scroll away now. The Coravin is eye-wateringly pricey, yet in numerous consumer’s eyes makes the utmost corkscrew with a spin …
This system comes powered by argon gas. This inert gas has actually been made use of by winemakers for generations.

Sounds appealing, appropriate? Just how does this bottle screw in fact work, though?

Well, that’s part of the charm. It actually could not be simpler to use even if you hate devices and you’re not as well tech-savvy. The technology baked in means you can put your white wine without ever in fact getting rid of the cork. This enables optimum aeration without any wastage whatsoever.

You get a couple of the requisite argon capsules included. Hereafter, you’ll need to factor in sourcing and acquiring substitutes. Bear this in mind when you’re considering the already-high price.

Ultimately, this sort of gadget is never for everyone. If you’re going shopping on a budget or searching for a standard hands-on corkscrew, this is plainly not also on your shortlist. For a person not motivated mainly by price and looking for an actual conversation piece, the Coravin is tailor-made.

Things We Like

  • Innovative gadget that makes a real conversation piece
  • Couple of argon capsules bundled
  • Pour your wine without opening the cork

Things We Dislike

  • Extremely expensive so not for everyone

13.Wine Enthusiast 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener


A glass of wine Lover provides you a 7-in-1 plan including every little thing you require to open and also preserve your white wine for far less than you could assume.
The focal point is the billing station. Once you have your bottle screw juiced up, you can open up 40 containers before requiring to charge it.

Utilizing this point couldn’t be easier despite the frightening appearances. Place your container under the automated corkscrew and the cork is gotten rid of in seconds. This model can cope with either all-natural or synthetic corks.

The putting spout permits maximum oygenation bringing out all the flavors and scents in your wine without requiring a different red wine aerator.

The foil cutter onboard is perfect and also implies you don’t require any added kit. With Red wine Enthusiast, you have literally everything you require to get going right out the box. Whether you desire this gizmo for house usage or for an industrial kitchen, you won’t be dissatisfied.

Things We Like

  • Pouring spout intensifies aeration
  • Open up to 40 bottles one after the other
  • Rechargeable with dock included

Things We Dislike

  • Some users have found this corkscrew fails to last the distance

14. Flauno Electric Wine Opener


As we near the very end of our bottle opener evaluations, how does this electric model from Flauno stick out in a congested field?
To get going, you can uncork an astonishing 120 bottles on a single fee. This stands for dual and even three-way the efficiency of the majority of the competition.

Made from aluminum, you get the advantage of toughness as well as resilience without the curl weighing you down. It won’t rust and it’s additionally incredibly simple to clean. Blitz it with some cozy soapy water and that’s all you need to worry about.

The discussion box boosts this wine opener to an excellent present for any type of a glass of wine enthusiasts in your life.

The electric motor runs extremely quietly so you will not require to endure any kind of aggravating humming in pursuit of convenience of use.

The only real unfavorable testament we might locate problems a handful of individuals whining concerning corks sticking. Overall, you’ll obtain a top-notch bottle opener at an extremely practical price factor, so what are you awaiting?

Things We Like

  • Aluminum housing lightweight yet robust
  • Foil cutter, vacuum stopper, and aerator pouring all onboard
  • Open a class-leading 120 bottles before corkscrew needs juice

Things We Dislike

  • A few customers talk about corks sticking

15. OXO Steel Winged Corkscrew


Last yet by no means least, this timeless winged curl from OXO prices a reference. Exactly how does this stainless steel model acquit itself, then?
Thanks to the self-centering screw, you’ll locate no resistance from any kind of kind of corkscrew. From all-natural to artificial corks, they’ll all come moving out with skilled convenience.

The detachable foil cutter makes easy work of those tasky seals and also stores onboard so there’s no chance of losing it.

The housing is made from light weight aluminum alloy delivering a durable as well as resilient bottle screw. The ABDOMINAL plastic make a nice enhance to the chromed-out surface.

You don’t obtain anything off the beaten track with this typical curl, yet it gets the job done rapidly, successfully, as well as accurately.

Things We Like

  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Foil cutter removable and snaps neatly into place in the base
  • Self-centering screw helps you remove any kind of corkscrew

Things We Dislike

  • Value is debatable

OK, with our bottle opener evaluates put to bed, it’s time to highlight the important factors you must think about on the buying path.

What to Look for When Buying a Wine Opener

The very first and most important part of picking the best a glass of wine opener for you centers on the design of opener. Our comprehensive break down of the different kinds in addition to their advantages and also disadvantages need to direct you.

With that said dealt with, you should increase down on these aspects:

  • Types of Cork
  • Price vs Performance
  • Build Quality and Lifespan

1. Types of Cork

What type of red wine do you consume? Especially, do you consume containers with all-natural corks or synthetic corks?If you’re not exactly sure, you need to examine closely because not all bottle screw can cope with both kinds of cork.

Natural corks come from a cork tree, native to Portugal and Spain. Corks can be obtained without dropping the tree making this a lasting technique. Natural corks allow your wine breathe incredibly although there’s always a danger of too much exposure to the components considering that not all corks fit perfectly in place.

Yet, the fungus that can blight all-natural cork can result in red wine that tastes corked. They could additionally fall apart off leaving debris in the white wine.

Artificial corks prevent a few of the above problems experienced with all-natural corks, yet they are not as breathable. These corks are not good if you have a glass of wine that requires developing.

On the plus side, you won’t suffer from cork taint and ruined red wine as you don’t have that very same all-natural product.

2. Price vs Performance

Rate contributes in a lot of buying choices.

If you’re trying to find an inexpensive and also standard curl, they are all valued similarly as well as are well within virtually any individual’s spending plan.

Any individual who is not quite so rate sensitive can step points as much as an electric bottle screw without needing to invest a lot of money.

At the upper end, you can discover pricey and specific niche bottle screw that make an excellent novelty besides uncorking your a glass of wine with callous performance.

You must likewise, certainly, factor in the anticipated lifespan of the bottle openers you’re considering– much more on that directly below. Get all these guidelines right as well as you’ll have no grabs developing which bottle opener makes the most effective total value for you as well as your budget plan.

3. Build Quality and Lifespan

Consider the products used, exactly how the corkscrew is engineered, and how much time the assurance is. When you have these factors covered, you must see the length of time you can anticipate your brand-new bottle opener to last. Most of the times, you must obtain years of fuss-free use.

To round out, we have actually curated a listing of solution to the most frequently asked questions regarding wine bottle openers so you have everything you require in one area.


1) What is the main advantage of natural corks?

Breathability. This natural and also porous product is exactly what you need if you’re maintaining as well as developing a glass of wine.

2) What is the main advantage of synthetic corks?

The fact you run no threat whatsoever of your white wine being corked and also the preference spoiled.

3) Does it require much effort to use a manual corkscrew?

This is relative. That said, unless you fight with mastery, you should not find you need to do far more than delicately draw.

4) What’s the point of spending more for an electric bottle opener?

If you’re elderly and having concerns with your hands, an electric bottle screw conserves you from any kind of initiative past pressing a switch. The very same uses if you suffer from arthritis.

5) What is the best type of bottle opener?

There’s no single kind that functions well for all people in all situations. Our suggestions is to read our break down of the different corkscrews and also bottle screw at hand. You can then conveniently find the only point that counts: the appropriate a glass of wine opener for you.


If you started out today without any idea about which type of white wine opener would make the best suitable for you, today’s thorough overview to the very best bottle openers must have altered that.

We’ve consisted of extra options than usual today as there’s such a wide spread of types and also cost points that we have actually thrown in something to attract all tastes and spending plans.