Do you want to store (and awesome) red wine in a compact area like a RV, a watercraft or luxury yacht, or in a small apartment or condo? Wine fridges come in several sizes, including huge a glass of wine growth cupboards, under counter coolers for amusing, or stand-alone wine refrigerators. And, lucky for you, a few of these refrigerators are rather compact.

As devoted boating fanatics and also road trippers desiring for renovating an old Recreational Vehicle for future journeys, we explored portable red wine fridges as well as services for maintaining them closed when in transit. We share all our best suggestions and ideas in today’s blog site.

Introducing Small Wine Coolers

Why select a small wine cooler or a wine cooler for small space?

Portable wine refrigerators were developed to fit in tiny spaces, to keep just a few of your favorite wines on for a short journey – state a weekend or perhaps a number of weeks (time flies when you’re enjoying!).

When acquiring a larger wine refrigerator, nevertheless, you are generally buying one for your house, not travel.

Compact a glass of wine coolers for taking a trip in boats or RVs come in broad range of capabilities, widths, rate points, as well as building and construction types. As in a lot of affordable retail rooms, you practically get what you spend for.

At the reduced end, you’re likely to obtain a noisier device. Less costly systems likewise might not have the flexibility to mount as a built-in or to revolve the door for a choice of left or right opening (this can be important in little rooms). Less costly units likewise feature less expensive packaging product. You may also give up some temperature control.

At the higher price point, you pay for a higher quality compressor and some visual layout elements like wood shelves. You’re likewise more probable to obtain an after-sales service number as well as someone you can contact if any problems arise or if you need a component.

What Are Typical Small Wine Cooler Bottle Capacities?

Little white wine fridges come in 8, 16, 18, 24, 28, and 32 bottle capacities. However, these are just basic standards. In interacting these capacities, makers are commonly describing Bordeaux-style containers.

What Are Typical Small Wine Cooler Dimensions?

Unless developed to be free-standing, a lot of little a glass of wine coolers are created to fit inside a typical base cabinet of 15″.

How to Choose A Small Wine Coolers?

Chances are you will not require a compact a glass of wine cooler to age a collection of great glass of wines over a training course of years. You are most likely trying to find a system that will keep white wines at concerning 55 degrees F for a period of weeks or months. Unlike bigger maturation coolers, some slightly various criteria come into play.

Design for Holding Wine Bottles

While this might seem like a piece of cake, we do see a lot of ads for a glass of wine fridges which are merely dorm-sized refrigerators with wire racks. These devices are not developed for keeping the appropriate humidity or for holding white wines consistent in a moving Recreational Vehicle or private yacht. Even in a tiny condominium or house, this style of refrigerator is unwanted for red wine storage as bottles will certainly roll around within the unit.


For smaller wine cooler in extra constrained rooms, sound can end up being an issue, especially at the low-end cost variety. We enjoy red wine fridges with compressors as they commonly last longer than thermoelectric units, lowering the need for changing the device often. Compressor systems usually last 8-10 years as well as can last longer if you don’t mind replacing a part below or there as the device ages. In our evaluations, we pay special attention to the quality of the compressor and also the noise it generates (as experienced by consumer ratings).

Built-In or Free-Standing Compact Wine Refrigerator?

If you prepare to set up a white wine refrigeration device in a RV or watercraft where the device will be placed into some type of cupboard that is designed to vent out front, be sure to review the fine print. Or else, the construction materials behind the fridge might obtain too hot as well as fire up, possibly starting a fire in your tiny area.

Do I Need a Warranty?

We’ve discovered that if you are mosting likely to have a trouble with your unit it is mosting likely to most likely be when the system is relatively new. These colders can get damaged during transit or installation. We advise buying a little a glass of wine fridge with a premium charge card that prolongs the producer’s guarantee. For these smaller devices, we generally don’t buy a separate tiny home appliance service warranty.

Also, do not install these or any kind of wine fridges next to an oven. Small wine cooler tend to have relatively slim side-walls as compared to a standard refrigerator, permitting stove heat to penetrate and harm the a glass of wine or fridge.

Our Favorite Small Wine Cooler

Kalamera Mini Fridge, 24 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator...

The Kalmera 12″ a glass of wine cooler for its tiny size, low sound compressor, and also visual appeals.

If you have an existing space utilized by an old garbage disposal that you intend to eliminate, this 12″ red wine cooler could be helpful for that. This could additionally be a good portable red wine refrigerator for mounting in a RV.

Features we like are the easy-to-use buttons, double-layer glass for UV protection, as well as a carbon filter to reduce smells. If your power occurs to head out, when the device reboots it will return to the temperature level you set it at.

We likewise like the sliding wood shelfs that stand up to 18 Bordeaux containers. The top shelf of the unit is 4″ high, so it can accommodate larger bottles like super-premium Chardonnay from Napa or most of the odd rosé bottle sizes from Provence.

The blue lights in the device can be switched off if you discover that they are as well strong.
The door manage can be removed also!

Kalamera Mini Fridge, 24 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator...

If you have 15″ open up to deal with, this 30-bottle wine chiller by Colzer may work for you.
This unit has oak racks and the rack spacing is 3.5 inches, so it needs to fit sparkling wine easily.
Take note that some wider-based rose white wines as well as super-premium wide-bottom bottle might not fit. Examine the size of your bottle before buying this or any kind of compact white wine refrigerator.

Cuisinart CWC-800CE 8 Bottle Private Reserve Cellar Wine...

If you don’t have a 12″ or 15″ area under your kitchen counter, then you may be interested in this counter top white wine cooler.
With an extremely little impact (12. 3″(L) x 22. 6″(W) x 19. 2″(H)), it holds 8 bottles of white wine on chrome racks.
The thermoelectric air conditioning system makes for a rather peaceful system, as well as the interior light is soft interior light is not distracting. If you have the countertop area, this could be an appealing addition to your kitchen area.
Flexible feet aid this to fit even more well below closets as well as racks.

EdgeStar CWR70SZ 6-Inch 7 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

The EdgeStar 6-Inch 7-Bottle Built-In White wine Cooler will generally fit anywhere. So it’s ideal for houses, confined cooking areas or that red wine nook opposite guide space opposite the Valuable Moments space. I’m going to presume the price point of the EdgeStar results from the high-capacity compressor placed into a system with an extremely small footprint. It also has a relatively easy to fix door, which can be helpful when trying to find an area to put it. And it has front airing vent as well as UV-resistant glass, so is up to the general requirement of compact red wine colders. You are paying a premium here for the compressor as well as ability to fit it anywhere. Perhaps that’s specifically what you need. You know, besides the a glass of wine.

NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler / Chiller |...

The NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Colder holds, you guessed it, 12 containers. What makes this wine cooler stand out from the others on this listing? Well, you’ll it’s got steel shelving, glass door that seals in humidity and an ultra-quiet air conditioning system. Yet his one is vertical as opposed to straight.

NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

With a straight, squat microwave-like layout, the NewAir AW-121E 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Red wine Cooler kind of looks like a rotisserie stove. This brand is available in a few various sizes, yet the 12-bottle style is only $120 as well as comes in black if you desire the 28-bottle variation. The LCD controls are on the outside of the device, which is handy for when you need to customize temperature level without opening the system.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator -...

I would certainly state this is the best portable wine cooler on this list, but you are welcome to keep reading. The Red Wine Fanatic Silent 18-Bottle Red Wine Fridge is a vertical colder with power effective thermoelectric air conditioning. It’s suggested to hold Bordeaux-size bottles, but you can eliminate the shelves if you want to stick different dimension containers therein. The bonus offer below is that it’s a dual-zone red wine colder for under $200, so you can maintain both reds as well as whites in the same compact wine cooler.

Wine Enthusiast 272 03 12W Silent 12 Bottle Touchscreen Wine...

Wine Lover small wine colder on this listing appears for factor. It’s obtained something the various other small wine colders don’t have, something that really makes it stand apart as well as not simply look like a black microwave on the counter. It has wooden racks. Certain, it’s just a timber exterior on the front of cake rack, yet it looks sophisticated. Due to the fact that isn’t that what having a compact white wine cooler on your counter is all about? The Red Wine Fanatic 12-Bottle Touchscreen A glass of wine Colder likewise has the standard thermoelectric air conditioning, adjustable temperature level and also somehow, does not ship to The golden state.


Likewise like toaster ovens, most portable wine coolers have a comparable feel and look. Safety glass to shut out the light, a stainless steel door as well as LCD controls are the basic characteristics of most small red wine coolers. So what do you search for when searching for a small wine cooler that stands out? Hope our article will be usefull for you before buying. Thanks for reading!

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