Are you partial to the periodic stogie after dinner?

If so, do you collect stogies as well as maintain them in stock so you constantly have something amazing when visitors more than?

You’ll need the very best cigar humidor if you want to keep those cigars fresh, fragrant, as well as loaded with flavor.

Luckily, we’ve extensively looked into the finest models on the marketplace as well as today we bring you no less than 15 humidors all made with one thing only in mind: to keep your precious stogies fresher for longer.

A cigar humidor is an easy gadget developed to enhance keeping cigars for the long run. These tools enable you to maintain your stogies at specifically the appropriate level of humidity, in between 64F and 75F.

If you wish to store your stogies long-lasting without impacting their taste and also scent, a fantastic humidor is a must. If you maintain your cigars appropriately saved like this, they will in fact improve with age instead of becoming worse. What better roi could you ask for?

Currently, while this may not be the most challenging acquiring choice you’ll run into, it pays to arm on your own with a couple of basics about stogie storage space. There’s very little to find out so, by the end of today, you’ll be a specialist when it comes to maintaining the flavor of your investment.

Initially, we’ll offer you a snapshot review of all the best humidors. We’ve chosen models of varying capabilities from small traveling humidors that house simply 15 cigars to bigger free standing units with room for hundreds of Cohibas.

When we’re done with our testimonials, we’ll give you a concise buying overview to aid you completely when you’re going shopping stogie humidors.

Let’s solve down to service currently with those testimonials.

I. The 15 Best Cigar Humidors


CASE ELEGANCE Glass Top Humidor with Thick Cedar, Easy...

Our preferred humidor overall is this understated desktop unit from Instance Beauty. Exactly how does it tone up, then?
Fashioned from Spanish cedar, you obtain a storage atmosphere ideal for keeping your treasured cigars fresher for longer.

The incorporated humidification system keeps the humidity degrees in between 65% and also 70% so you won’t need to dabble around with any kind of settings. You’ll need to consider the remedy for this humidifier. The manufacturer advises CE Humidor Remedy.

You also get gel and also hydro sticks consisted of to enhance the atmosphere better.

The magnetically-sealed unit keeps your stogies in a completely consisted of environment so you appreciate them at their very best even if you maintain them for several years.

Anyone with a love for cigars possibly has an equivalent disgust for the volume of devices you require. Maintain your lighter, cigar cutter, as well as any other materiel in the storage space drawer onboard.

The wooden humidor is crowned with a solidified glass cover. You can watch your collection without breaching the storage environment as an included twist to an already fantastic bundle. You can’t fail with this humidor from Case Sophistication.

Things We Like

  • Stealthy accessory storage
  • Magnetically sealed enclosure
  • Digital hygrometer

Things We Dislike

  • Some users struggle to get humidity above 55%

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Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor, Cedar Cigar Desktop Box...

Not every person desires a hulking stogie humidor with area for a hundred cigars. If you choose an even more small approach to cigar storage space, Hairless Eagle provides in fine design.
Capacity is designed to accommodate 20 to 25 cigars, depending upon the size.

The Spanish cedar coating offers you simply the appropriate environment for cigar storage. There’s a movable dividers inside so you can divide your collection easily.

If you’re worried regarding scratching up your desktop computer, you need not be. Velvet pads underneath ensure you don’t leave any kind of scrapes behind.

There’s a hygrometer onboard so you can keep track of humidity degrees and make sure your cigars are being preserved at their very best.

The only actual blowback about this item worries not the humidor itself, however the dull client treatment that’s created many clients to complain concerning this online.

Given the overall build as well as finish of this humidor, though, we wouldn’t expect you to need to call customer service in the first place.

Things We Like

  • Scratch-resistant bottom
  • Hygrometer onboard
  • Holds up to 25 cigars

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about customer care

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Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel 400-Cigar Cooler, 2.5 Cubic...

If you require even more area than a desktop computer humidor gives, this free standing colder and humidor from Whynter is the perfect option.
Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the area to accommodate this device. It measures up at 20 x 17 x 29 inches so it’s pretty large. In return for this extra-large impact, you get a likewise large 2.5 cubic feet ability. This equates to storage for 400 cigars.

The temperature level of this colder can be adjusted from 54F to 65F providing you simply the best atmosphere for your cigar collection.

Thanks to thermoelectric air conditioning, you won’t obtain any kind of irritating noise, as well as there’s no resonance to shake up your cigars either.

The removable cabinets and racks are made from Spanish cedar, the preferred material for humidors all over the world.

Whether you want this humidor for your study in your home, or for use in a commercial setup, construct top quality goes over and also you must obtain years of faithful service.

Things We Like

  • Thermoelectric cooling with no vibration
  • Air circulation promoted by fan-forced circulation
  • Tweak temperature from 54F through 66F

Things We Dislike

  • Some users found cigar wrappers dried out

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Cigar Caddy 3240 Travel Cigar Humidor, Holds 10 Cigars,...

Are you a constant tourist unable to go without your stogies on the road? Well, there’s no requirement to give up those cigars if you buy the Stogie Caddy.
This neat and also compact traveling humidor measures up at just 8 x 4 x 2.5 inches, as well as it’s lightweight sufficient to insinuate your hand luggage without burdening yourself. In spite of this little footprint, you get sufficient room inside for 15 of your best cigars so you can commemorate that next transaction when traveling in style.

Waterproof to 100 feet and developed to drift on water, the crush-proof container can also withstand extremes of temperature from -10 F through 175F. All of this is to say the rugged humidor is perfect for usage on a watercraft or any other aggressive environment where you want the solemnity of your stogies protected whatsoever costs.

Despite such durable total performance and also such convenience, total develop quality as well as coating are both slightly frustrating. We hope future iterations of this or else fine humidor address these shortcomings.

Things We Like

  • Waterproof and floats on water, too
  • Humidifier disc included
  • Ideal compact form for anyone on the go

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality could be improved

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Mantello Cigar Humidors, Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor,...

Mantello has a deep bench of humidors and this desktop computer design provides you enough room for up to 50 stogies at a highly budget-friendly price. Not only that, this humidor is presently up for grabs at a steep discount so act swiftly to snare a genuine deal.
Completed in handmade rosewood, the within the box is made from Spanish cedar providing you excellent eat appearances together with the suitable conditions for lasting stogie storage.

The reliable humidifier baked in is created to keep your cigars at just the ideal degree of moisture. You can keep an eye on these humidity degrees thanks to the onboard hygrometer.

The success or failure of any type of humidor hinges on the top quality of the seal. The Mantello gets this nailed with a limited seal to maintain the atmosphere managed.

The cedar wood divider panel allows you to separate your stogies nicely.

With a scratch-resistant base so you won’t wind up spoiling your precious workdesk, this humidor provides you the full package at a rate you’ll enjoy. Act promptly and you might take advantage of that aggressive discount, also.

Things We Like

  • Tight seal to preserve storage environment
  • Compact form factor
  • Accommodates up to 50 cigars

Things We Dislike

  • Can struggle to get above 55% humidity

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Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri, with Tempered...

Next up we have another strong desktop computer version from Capri. We like this darker version with its subtle mahogany finish. If this shade is not to your taste, choose from a handful of other options including red, white, black, and also blue.
This box will certainly hold up to 50 cigars so it’s perfect if you have a budding collection however you’re not yet ready for a free standing humidor.

Lined with Spanish cedar, you’ll take advantage of the trademark scent as well as the first-class moisture retention the material is famous for.

If you’re providing this humidor as a gift to a liked one, why not have their name etched on the optional plate? That will make a terrific existing even better and a lot more individualized.

Whether you’re gifting this cigar humidor or maintaining it on your own, the materials of the box can be conveniently viewed with the clear home window so you can attract your visitors with the after-dinner deals with available without breaching the storage setting.

The hygrometer is placed on the front of the humidor allowing you to see at a glimpse that moisture degrees are in check and your stogie collection is being cosseted.

Things We Like

  • Perfect for desktop use
  • Optional nameplate for customization
  • Striking mahogany finish

Things We Dislike

  • Hygrometer could be more precise

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XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier and...

If you’re seeking a humidor with a spin, this acrylic jar from XIFEI deserves a look.
While the transparent acrylic is not the typical product utilized for humidors– Spanish cedar takes that crown– it’s surprisingly reliable, as well as likewise remarkably pockert-friendly.

The secured rubber gasket maintains stogies or anything else you keep inside airtight.

The dimensions of this container are simply 7 x 5 inches yet you’ll fit 15 to 20 cigars within. While this wants for a growing collection, beginners as well as any person only intending to keep a handful of cigars could locate this unique humidor connects the space they’re looking to fill.

If you’re still caught on the fencing and not exactly sure if this non-traditional humidor will deliver, right here’s the best component. The supplier is so confident in the quality of this item that they offer a genuine reimbursement at any kind of phase during the very first 2 months after purchase. What have you reached lose?

Things We Like

  • External hygrometer
  • Lined with cedar wood
  • Transparent for ease of viewing

Things We Dislike

  • Quality control is disappointing

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Old World Desktop Cigar Humidor, Walnut Finish, Spanish...

If you have a bigger stogie collection and you’re wanting to house 100 stogies, this vintage walnut humidor from The Quality Imports Shop will make a commanding existence on any kind of workdesk.
The outside of this distressed walnut device is decorated with an antique map of the world. Trace the family tree of your preferred stogies as you unwind in your chair and also fire up a Cohiba.

The kiln-dried cedar inside enables you to keep all the dampness while also delighting in that apparent fresh aroma.

SureSeal Modern technology provides you the confidence of recognizing you will not be let down by a classic weak point on humidors.

Underneath the cover of this humidor, you’ll find a glass hygrometer with a brass ring. This allows you maintain a close eye on humidity degrees so you can be certain your cigars are not being ignored.

If you’re unsure regarding the sizing and also tinting of this humidor, the producer has a deep bench of options well worth discovering.

As an added reward, this humidor is lockable so you can maintain your analytical teens away from your treasured stogies and appreciate them year-round at their ideal.

Things We Like

  • Glass hygrometer
  • Holds up to 100 cigars
  • Design makes a conversation piece

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality is lacking

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Mantello Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity, Glass-top 100 Cigar...

Next up we have an additional great humidor from Mantello, this time with the ability of real estate as much as 100 cigars, depending on the size. As with all humidors, if you favor substantial cigars, you’ll discover ability is better to 50.
As you understand, stogies require to be saved at just the right moisture levels if you wish to preserve the taste and aroma. This humidor will do all that for you with the humidifier baked in. There’s likewise the typical hygrometer so you can keep an eye on those degrees and take action if they befall of kilter.

The cedar-lined tray is made to advertise moisture retention and also the divider panel allows you keep your collection arranged and also compartmentalized.

The felt-lined bottom as well as brass pivots triggered the mahogany build well. The hygrometer’s border is somewhat garish yet definitely not a deal-breaker. What is even more traumatic is the quality of the hygrometer itself. Several users feel it’s inaccurate.

Regardless of such generous ability, the squat box measures simply 13.5 x 9.4 x 6.3 inches so it won’t dominate your workdesk.

Things We Like

  • Cedar-lined tray with divider
  • Lockable for enhanced security
  • Generous 100-cigar capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Hygrometer quality is subpar

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MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor, Cedar & Leather Cigar Storage...

This downplayed as well as sophisticated humidor from Megacra comes in a dark or pale brown to suit your workplace or study decor.
The spacious box measures up at 9.25 x 7.9 x 3.1 inches and allows you to accommodate in between 25 and also 50 cigars according to the ring scale.

The seal is super-tight so you eliminate any weak point. We did encounter some individuals complaining about concerns with the seal, however, so you need to do your own due persistance below.

If you require to doctor the moisture levels, the incorporated hygrometer makes this straightforward. Everything regarding utilizing this humidor is a wind even if you’re a total newbie to stogie storage. The detailed treatment handbook consisted of includes some valuable suggestions if you’re simply beginning and also need an aiding hand.

Thanks to the adjustable divider, you’ll be able to partition your stogies by kind or high quality.

Things We Like

  • Hygrometer baked in
  • Antique finish ideal for modern or traditional rooms
  • Large capacity with space for 50 cigars

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints about seal

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CASE ELEGANCE Octodor Large Black Piano Finish Glass Top...

Do you have a larger stogie collection that requires attention but you don’t expensive the concept of a huge freestanding humidor? Well, the Octodor provides you an aesthetically sophisticated choice with a really impressive capacity. Exactly how does it shape up, then?
Well, the first thing you’ll benefit from is a 100-cigar capability, although with much larger stogies this will be somewhat reduced.

As with all Casa Elegance humidors, you obtain an electronic hygrometer allowing you to stay on top of humidity levels.

The felt-lined drawer supplies a deluxe home for those Montecristos, as well as the Hydro System patented by the producer maintains humidity levels in that excellent sweet place called for to keep the preference and also scent of those precious cigars.

Device storage is spacious so you can keep all that cigar materiel to hand without requiring an added box to stress over.

Despite these outstanding storage space buildings and significant ability, this humidor measures 13.75 x 9.5 x 8.6 inches as well as weighs in at 13 extra pounds so it will not surpass your workplace workdesk.

Things We Like

  • Built-in digital hygrometer
  • Felt-lined drawer
  • Oversized 100-cigar capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Weak customer service

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Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display Cigar...

As we border throughout of our quest for the best cigar humidors, you’ve with any luck currently seen a number of likely prospects that fit your tastes as well as budget plan.
If you’re searching for a free standing unit however you don’t need ability for hundreds and also numerous cigars, the Status Import Group has a neat remedy in the form of this Milano Counter Top Show Humidor.

You’ll have space for up to 125 stogies so most stogie lovers must have sufficient room for a moderate collection.

The tilted racks all feature divider panels so you can present and display your budding collection without the storage environment being hindered. With all sides made from glass, you delight in viewing via 360 levels as well as you’ll never ever require to open the humidor. Until, of course, you want a stogie. And when you do take out that stogie, the preference and scent will certainly be flawlessly protected.

Although we wish to see a somewhat finer interest to information and also surface to this humidor, the total effect is sufficiently outstanding to obtain our referral.

Things We Like

  • Makes a striking design statement
  • Pair of humidifiers
  • Hold up to 125 cigars

Things We Dislike

  • Fit and finish could be improved

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Woodronic Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer for 35 to 50...

This handcrafted cigar humidor from Woodronic is a streamlined as well as understated contemporary standard that handles to look excellent in both minimalist and conventional offices.
Completed in ebony, you can pick from another couple of colorways in paler timbers.

The acrylic home window lets you spy on your cigars without interrupting the environment they’re stored in. The tight seal adds another layer of security as well as enables you to store up to 50 cigars for the long haul without losing either the taste or scent.

The digital hygrometer gives you a continuous read on humidity degrees. Make sure your financial investment is shielded as well as take timely activity if you see the humidity dipping or increasing.

You obtain an ashtray consisted of with this box, and also there’s additionally a dual guillotine cutter made from stainless steel to complete an impressive plan with every little thing you require to unwind as well as enjoy a fantastic stogie at its finest without any destruction in time. What are you waiting on?

Things We Like

  • Accommodates 50 cigars
  • Double guillotine cutter included
  • Digital hygrometer

Things We Dislike

  • Some users report issues with seal on plastic window

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Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood 300 Capacity

The Audew stogie colder as well as humidor gives you a large and powerful storage space unit for up to 300 cigars. This makes a great enhancement to any collection, research study, or man cavern. The humidor is additionally ideal for a small shop.
Besides that bumper ability, what else do you get for your money?

The 3 racks are totally flexible so you can suit and also nicely categorize a growing cigar collection.

Regular degrees of moisture are kept with air shut loop circulation. The drawers as well as the shelving are designed to sit flush to the closet’s front edge and the incorporated follower. This promotes exceptional air flow as well as keeps moisture degrees completely in check so you obtain the storage setting you need.

You also benefit from a wetness container so you can fine-tune moisture to develop the optimum storage space place for your cigars.

The Spanish cedar finish could not be unique, but it’s a preferred for humidors with just cause.

For a large-capacity cigar humidor that will not call for excessive area to fit, we can not recommend the Audew colder and humidor highly enough.

Things We Like

  • Class-leading 300 cigar capacity
  • Moisture container thrown in
  • Cedar drawer and shelving

Things We Dislike

  • Some snags with quality control

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Kendal Cigar Desktop Humidor, Glass Top, Brass Ring Glass...

Lats however by no means least in our finest stogie humidor assesses comes this desktop version that looks just like a number of others on our checklist.
This is the thing with terrific humidors, though: you don’t require them to transform the wheel, you need them to carry out a straightforward job of humidity law successfully, as well as the Kendal does that in great style.

You’ll get the costs cedar construct you require for optimal storage space conditions. Moisture retention is uppermost while the securing is tight as well as makes sure the cigars remain at simply the ideal degree of moisture to maintain them at their most fragrant and flavourful.

With adequate capability for 60 cigars, you must have ample room for a little, young collection of stogies. You can constantly upgrade to a much more significant freestanding design if you begin collecting more and more stogies in time.

Similar to all the very best humidors, your desk will certainly be shielded from square one thanks to the velvet bottom in place.

For a cost effective as well as smooth desktop humidor from a highly respectable brand name, we ‘d highly suggest this version.

Things We Like

  • Holds 60 cigars at full capacity
  • Velvet bottom won’t scratch your desktop
  • Cedar interior for optimum storage environment

Things We Dislike

  • Check contents of your package closely due to poor quality control

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II. Things You Should Consider

Focus on the following areas and you should have no trouble finding the best humidor the easy way.

  • Hygrometer
  • Seal and Lid
  • Extras
  • Pricing
  • Type
  • Capacity vs Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Drawer Materials


1The first significant decision you’ll deal with when picking a stogie humidor is what kind makes the most effective fit for you and also the dimension of your cigar collection.
Here are your main alternatives:

  • Case
  • Cooler
  • Jar

The elegance of a situation humidor, typically likewise described as a desktop humidor, is the fact it’s a portable alternative you can easily take with you if you’re heading to a good friend’s house for dinner. There are also smaller and also a lot more travel-friendly choices if you need something you can insinuate your hand luggage more quickly.

Desktop computer humidors make a cool concession, however, while still providing you sufficient capability to house a growing collection of cigars.

This sort of humidor usually has stainless steel or brass joints instead of a vacuum seal. This is arguably their greatest powerlessness.


A free standing cooler gives you even more latitude to accommodate a larger cigar collection.

You’ll be free to change both the temperature level and also the humidity on these designs so you can remain in full control of all facets of cigar storage space even if you’re a total beginner.

This sort of unit is frequently integrated with a red wine cooler.


These storage space containers have limited capabilities so you’ll have a hard time to save much more than 10 stogies.

As the ultimate travel-friendly humidor, however, they take some beating.

With that choice cared for– and all that counts right here is purchasing according to your needs– it’s time to understand that size issues when it involves stogie humidors.

Capacity vs Dimensions

You need to think about the dimension of the humidor in all senses.

First of all as well as most significantly, analyze the capability of the devices on your shortlist set against the size of your collection currently. You must naturally make allowances for the stogies you plan to buy in the future, as well.

You can’t think about capability in isolation, however. Bigger capacity humidors generally eat up much more room into the bargain so make certain that you have area to suit any kind of humidors on your shortlist.

If you require an excellent degree of capability however you likewise have actually limited room in your office or research study, a lot of the versions we evaluate today are quite squat and small offering you the most effective of both worlds.


Next up, consider the general construct of the humidor.

Cedar timber is most typically used for its remarkable dampness retention high qualities. This is the most popular material made use of for the outer framework of desktop humidors.

Bigger free standing models are generally made from rugged stainless-steel so you’ll get outstanding life expectancy.

More notably, though, is what the cabinets are made from …

Drawer Materials

You ought to look for cedar drawers so your cigars will be saved with the appropriate level of dampness maintained instead of sucked away by improper products.


If you have actually never seen a hygrometer before, they’re the matching of a thermostat yet used to procedures humidity levels as opposed to temperature level.

Because one of the most crucial part of stogie storage centers on keeping humidity levels between 64F as well as 75F, you’ll require a hygrometer so you can be certain that everything is as it needs to be.

Check for individual testimonials and any complaints of mistake below.

Seal and also Lid

You should inspect that the stogie humidors you’re checking out come with sufficiently airtight seals as well as no adverse blowback from customers.

A humidor with a poorly-sealed lid defeats the extremely purpose of getting one in the first place. You require your storage environment to stay consistent and perfectly secured.


From LCDs to locks, stogie cutters to ashtrays, some humidors feature some additionals bundled. Rather than looking for the one with most bells and whistles, focus only those add-ons you’ll meaningfully make use of.


Much like with dimension, you should not consider cost in isolation, and you shouldn’t concentrate purely under line.

You need to think of your stogie collection in the same way you do your wine collection: as an investment. So, when you’re shopping for humidors, you’re aiming to make a more financial investment simply to secure your key investment. By offering on your own short and purchasing an inexpensive, subpar humidor, you’ll just cost yourself cash and also enjoyment in time.

Rather, purchase the most effective cigar humidor you can pay for and also don’t resent investing a little to bring out the best top qualities in the cigars you’re saving for a special occasion.

Now, prior to we complete for the day, we have actually curated a listing of the most frequently asked questions regarding stogie humidors.


1) How much time should I keep my stogies in the humidor for?
There’s no hard and fast guideline right here. As a general benchmark, though, you must leave any kind of new stogies in your humidor for 3 months or so. Similar to white wine, cigars boost with age as long as you pay proper interest to their storage space environment. From this factor, the cigars will certainly have taken in all the flavor they are most likely to. As long as you maintain them within the suggested band of humidity, you can keep cigars for many years.

2) Do I leave the wrappers on my stogies when I place them in a humidor?
Again, there’s no right or wrong answer right here. Considering that wrapper are in fact developed to keep stogies fresh, it makes little feeling to remove them. Also, if you have a growing collection, it can be awkward to determine unmarked stogies. Our suggestions is to leave the wrappers on.

3) Is a cigar cutter vital?
Yes, it is. Any type of cigars with torpedo or rounded ends need reducing so you can smoke them properly. Some humidors come with cutters consisted of. If not, you do not need to spend a ton of money to obtain a functional cutter.

4) Why can not I just maintain my stogies in the refrigerator?
The fridge may feel like a suitable area to stash your stogies, yet nothing could be additionally from the reality. It’s trendy enough without a doubt, but perhaps also cool. Also, the humidity levels inside a refrigerator are much as well reduced.

5) What occurs if my cigars are kept at high levels of humidity?
This can be equally as damaging as storing cigars in a setting where the moisture levels are too low. If they’ve been kept in damp environments, the cigars will certainly shed and additionally draw improperly. At 72%, cigars start to soak up moisture. This negatively affects both flavor as well as aroma.

6) Just how can I establish if a stogie is bad?
If you feel a cigar as well as it’s crunchy or difficult, it’s dried and will be past its best. A stogie that really feels spongy is too wet.

7) Is it possible to save a dried out stogie?
Yes, as long as the wrapper is still in place. You’ll likewise require to wish that not every one of the oils have actually evaporated from the cigarette, or the cigar will certainly be irreparable as well as suitable for the trash bin. The trouble is that it might take weeks to rehydrate a cigar, so do not make plans to smoke it whenever soon.

8) Is it truly true that cigars get better with age?
Yes, it is. A robust cigar will absolutely taste much better as it ages, as long as you store it appropriately.

9) What extra advantages do I get from a stogie colder?
With a cooler, you can control temperature along with humidity.

10) Is a cigar humidor essential?
If you intend to keep cigars in the short-term, there’s no genuine demand to obtain a humidor unless you really desire one. Any individual meaning to keep cigars for the long run, though, needs one of these boxes or coolers.

IV. Conclusion

The best cigar humidor is uncomplicated to find. If you stick with any one of the versions we evaluate today, you can buy with your eyes wide open and also a clear concept of where they drop, not simply where they succeed.

One of the most crucial elements to think about when you’re humidor shopping are the looks as well as the dimensions. Nevertheless, you’re most likely to have the humidor on ordinary sight on your workdesk. Why choose something you’re not also crazy about when there are a lot of elegant, design-driven humidors around?

The bright side is, if you run into a humidor out shortlist, you can take advantage of the tips in our humidor purchasing guide to guarantee you obtain the most appropriate model for your needs.

Prior to you head off today, bookmark BriccoWine as well as stand out back soon. We’re developing for a hectic holiday season as well as we’ll have plenty to share we you, our viewers. See you quickly!

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