Chardonnay tasting Friday!

Why a chardonnay tasting?

  Well friends, it is and has been possibly the most dynamic grape in the history of viticulture. It has been planted in more places on the planet than any other grape for the purpose of wine making (aside from a spainish grape called Airen), It has shown the capacity to make great wine in so many forms from brut to late harvest and even botrytized burgundy. Beyond the borders of France it has been one of the most successful grapes in almost ever new world country it has been planted. It has even seen the most "Frankenstein" of wine making techniques and managed to catch the eye of most devoted of natural wine geeks.(myself included)
   And we still love to drink it! Here's to you Chardonnay I'm still in love you after all these years. That said I will continue to cheat on you with Chenin regularly but you've always been real classy about our arrangement.

Friday 6-9pm


Deep Listen 


Jazz            Funk          Soul         Psych

Hosted by NOAH "Dials" BENNET  

*open decks from 8-10


Dorsia At The Soma Yacht Club



4 Courses of Wine Paired with Food.


The Soma Yacht Club Presents


◆  D O R S I A  ◆

 Four Courses of Wine Paired with Food

Chef Emily Chellew

 Doors 7:30

Live Music starting at 9:00 

Please join us June 24th, for the Soma Yacht clubs rotating dinner series hosting some of the best Chefs in SF, preparing specialty gourmet meals served with the excellent wines of Terrior to an exclusive, private crowd. Seats are limited to 20, first come first serve.

This month's Chef is Emily Chellew who will be preparing an exclusive executive offering!



Afterparty at Terrior 10-1AM

Live Music by Classical Revolution, starting at 9

The Soma Yacht club is committed to brining you the private dining experience you sorely desire.

 More Info & tickets available through terroisf prior to the evening.